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"No one should drink out of ​a plain glass!"

Here are some new items for 2018 so far.  We will up date as we do more. Enjoy!

Introducing the Skull cutting board.  They are free hand cut and the mouths are burned into the wood.  All are sealed with butcher block oil and ready to be used.  I use mine as a serving piece! Great way to serve cheese and crackers.  The small one is approx. 10 x 9 and is 1 1/4" thick.  It is made out of Cherry wood and is $30.00.  The larger one is approx. 12 x 11 and is 1 1/4" thick.  It is made out of Black Walnut and is $45.00.  How much fun are these!

These wine bottles are etched and filled with battery powered fairy lights.  The small ones are $22.00 and the large ones are $24.00.  These would be really nice as centerpieces in any backyard event.  They also look good in the house.

We are looking forward to another great year of business and meeting more people!  All of our etching is sandblasted.  It is all dishwasher safe and the design will never wear off.  You can pick from one of our designs or email us your's.  We can customize any glass!

​MaD design